Reading Room Thermionic Audio Books Last Edited: 31-Jan-2002. Factory Service Bulletin Alignment Instructions for AM Sections: Scott AM/FM Tuner Types: 300/320, 330/331-(series), 333-(series)
Axel Technology Tiger E5 Stereo - RDS encoder. TIGER E5 is the device that can manage each kind of FM Transmitter Site and fulfills every custom requirement, from large national FM networks to local stations.
I hooked up the FM test signal generator, distortion analyzer, and dummy load and measured the REC OUT port and found that it was receiving with fairly high distortion, indicating the alignment needed to be adjusted. Then proceeded to align the FM through distortion analysis, adjusting the various cores in the order described in the service manual. Details about McIntosh FM Tuner Alignment Service- MR-55 MR-65 MR-67 MR-71 MR-78 All others Dual Sweep Aligned using a Sound Technology 1000A. McIntosh FM Tuner Alignment Service- MR-55 MR-65 MR-67 MR-71 MR-78 All others. Item Information. Condition:--not specified
Marantz 10B Tuner Repair And Restoration. The Marantz 10B stereo tuner is known as one of the finest vintage stereo tuners. Some repair and restoration work is needed on this unit.. This Marantz 10B tuner powered up fine and sounds pretty good on the test bench. The chassis is a little dirty and beat up but it will clean up pretty well.
Rc late model
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