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Both involve putting the wireless LAN card into "monitor mode", allowing you to view and record all packets sent by other WiFi devices nearby. This includes data packets send between other devices, something which is not possible unless your device is in monitor mode. Here I present a third option...
MT7612U. WLAN. MediaTek. This package contains the files needed for installing the MediaTek MT7612U Wireless Adapter Driver and Utility. Monitor.I bought this specifically for Kali Linux and to use it in monitor mode. It did not work with Kali even after downloading drivers, monitor mode could not be activated. I tried CentOS 6.10 and again monitor mode was not available, just normal wifi. I ended up getting another adapter that worked.
1. How to enable monitor mode using iw. You should check whether the operating system is able to recognize your Wi-Fi card. In addition, you can see that it is in managed mode. To set wireless interface to Monitor mode with iw you can use the following command sequence
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